GAT Flexx BCAAs (690 g, Sour Ball)

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Gat Sports Team Has Achieved In Bringing You The Most Delicious Fermented Bcaas Drinks On The Market Yet. Mouth Watering, Candy Avers Provide Incredible Taste Satisfaction. Flex Bcaas Deliver 7 Grams Of Essential Amino Acids To Protect Athletes' Hard-Earned Muscles. Flex Bcaas 2:1:1 Ratio Of Leucine To Isoleucine And Valine Is The Most Scenically Studied Ratio For Athletic Performance. It Has Been Shown To Be Effective In Numerous Studies To Reduce Muscle Damage And Accelerate Recovery From Resistance Training. For Athletes That Train Hard And Perspire Heavily, Electrolyte Replenishment Is Vital. Flex Bcaas Provides Electrolytes And Coconut Water Powder To Prevent Dehydration. Exceptional Taste. Plant-Based Bcaas.