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Benefits of Joint Care Glucosamine HCL along with Chondroitin Sulphate helps in building cartilage, a flexible connective tissue that provides padding at the ends of long bones, where they meet the...

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Benefits of Joint Care

Glucosamine HCL along with Chondroitin Sulphate helps in building cartilage, a flexible connective tissue that provides padding at the ends of long bones, where they meet the joint.
Collagen Peptide 2 gives cartilage its tensile strength n elasticity, thereby enabling it to support the joints.
Hyaluronic Acid plays an important role in reducing joint inflammation and pain caused by injury or tissues regeneration.
Bosewellia Serrata, Curcurim Rosehip extract along with L-Ascorbic acid are primarites used for pain relief in condition like osteoarthritir, etc
Vitamin K1, Vitamin D3 along with Vitamin B12 maintain stable calcium levels in the bloodstream thus provides better absorption of calcium to bones.


AM Nutrition L-Carnitine comes in liquid form which makes it easy to consume, quicker to get absorbed compared to other forms like tablets which makes it act faster.

AM NUTRITION Liquid L - Carnitine provides 3000mg Per Serving benefits:

- With higher levels of L-Carnitine , your body becomes more efficient at burning fat.
- Helps convert fat into energy.
- Supports Endurance.
- Increase Metabolism.
- Helps in facilitating the transfer of long-chain fatty acids to the cells to be metabolized into energy.
- Helps in enhancing the cellular energy.
- Improves athletic performance for the gym-goers, athletes & fitness enthusiasts.
- More energy during and after workout
- Boosts your metabolism to help you lose weight.
- Aids the body's immune system.


AM MULTI-VITAMIN provides a good combination of your daily needs of nutrient for overall health.

The primary role of a multivitamin is to fill nutritional gaps and make sure people get their daily allowance of under-consumed nutrients.

Added Ginseng.
Increased energy levels.
Improved mood.
Reduce fatigue and other health problems.
Maintained muscle strength.
Reduces stress and anxiety.
Supports Overall Health & Immunity.
Formulated For Daily Usage.
Suitable for Both Men & Women.


1. Immune function
2. Longevity
3. Brain health
4. Healthy hair, skin, and nails
5. Bone and muscle function
6. Eye health
7. Heart health
The bottom line is Multivitamins do have benefits — assuming, of course, you should take one on daily basic because they provides a full spectrum of health-supporting vitamins and minerals.


Potent formula with safety measures key highlights

Testosterone Matrix
Liver and Kidney Matrix
Performance Matrix
Bone and Joint Matrix
Estrogen Blocker Matrix.
1. Pct care supplement provides you with best and natural herbs which increases free and total testosterone.
2. Pct care enhances t-levels,boost energy and enhances mood hence better performance.
3. Pct care gives you positive energy,better muscle gains and keeps you energetic throughout the day.
4. Milk thistle,dandelion leaf extract,cranberry food powder along with turmeric provides and accelerates proper liver and kidney
5. Ashwagandha extract and green coffee bean extract fuels you up throughout the day keeping you more attentive,active and energetic.
6. Pct care also provides active ingredients which helps you tackle problems related with joints n bones.
7. Pct care not only boosts your T levels but also blocks estrogen with special herbs induced in the formula. Hence pct care provides you with overall package of essential and active ingredients which helps and assists every major part of ur body and gives your body the energy and vibe it needs for a healthy lifestyle.


AM Liver Factor Benefits

Detoxifies the liver and kidneys.
Promote overall liver health.
Optimise liver function.
Protect liver cells from inflammation.
Promote the production of bile.
Supports Healthy Liver Function.
Support Liver Enzymes.
Boosts Glutathione Production.
Contains Milk Thistle.

Active Ingredients:

Milk Thistle: Help nourish and support liver health
N-Acetyl L Cysteine: Protect the kidneys from toxins and injuries
Dandelion Leaf: Reduce cholesterol and promote liver health
Curcumin Extract: Rich in antioxidant and support detoxification
L-Glutathione: Regenerate healthy skin and protect from chronic fatty liver diseases
Vitamin B12: Helps rbc formation and maintain function of liver
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